Day 1 and counting

Screenshot 2018-12-10 at 20.36.30
Week 1 of the London Marathon Intermediate Training Plan

Well, this is it. Day 1 of my marathon journey, with hopefully a very happy ending on the 7th April in Manchester.

Can’t complain about Day 1 – ‘Rest’. So no excuse not to get this blog started. I’m hoping this will be:

  • something for my family and friends to read if there’s nothing on telly
  • a way of target setting
  • a way to check I’ve hit my targets
  • of some use for others thinking of taking on a similar challenge
  • something for my girls to read leaving them feeling ever so proud of their old man.

So what are my qualifications to take up this challenge? My greatest achievement to date has been completing the Birmingham Half Marathon on 14th October in under 2 hours.

Looking knackered but happy after completing in 1.59.23

Can I do this? Absolutely. Am I looking forward to it? Definitely. It’s one the most exciting challenges if not THE most exciting challenge I’ve ever set myself.

I can do this. But having suffered a few niggles over the past month or two, I know I need to prepare for this sensibly.  There are certain things I need to get better at:

  • eat more healthily
  • force myself to do core strength exercises
  • stretch, stretch, stretch
  • don’t go for PBs at every opportunity.

So breakfast on Day 1 started well:


but can’t believe I didn’t touch the water bottle all day.


2 of these will be consumed tomorrow as punishment.

I’m going to use the London Marathon Intermediate Training Plan. I aim to follow this closely, but it will need adapting slightly to make it fit with club runs.

To be continued …

2 thoughts on “Day 1 and counting

  1. I’ve added you to my feedly blog reader and will try to keep up. I’ve done two official marathons and one DIY one so will be watching closely and always happy to help if I can. Hope you enjoy the journey!


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