Day 2: Must improve my selfie skills

Today’s goal was a 30 minute easy run so at 36.26, just a few minutes extra. This was the Tuesday night Club Run with Kings Heath Running Club. (More about the wonderful KHRC in future posts.) I’ve chosen to take things easy these first few weeks and finished tonight’s run feeling good: no sign of any knee or hip pain and able to hold a conversation throughout. I’m pleased that I’m enjoying my runs without the need to go for PBs. Not that I’m writing them off, but I’ll try and be selective.

Screenshot 2018-12-11 at 21.02.17

I find myself doing a few token stretches after these runs, stretches which tend to be those I see others doing at the time. Having discovered I’m not immune to injury, I must pay more attention to this. So a target for tomorrow is to research post-run stretches and to remember to do them. I’ll post up Youtube links in tomorrow’s post.

Apart from that, remember to take at least two selfies in case the first one turns out like this.

No need for photo release forms here. We’re all unrecognisable.


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