Day 3: Time management

It’s 3.30, I have a parents evening at 4.30, a Skype lesson to teach at 7.00, a Christmas do immediately after and a blog post to write.  I haven’t stopped today so I’ve given up any idea of completing my core strength and stretching exercises. I did a few this morning but the horrible ones – planks, side planks and push ups were conveniently left until I ran out of time! Definitely could do better.

I need to find a fixed time in the day to do these.  They always feel particularly daunting when I get up, but once I’m up and atom they’re easily forgotten or other things take priority. And my record sheet for doing these exercises is pretty poor to say the least. Runs? Love ’em. But anything that involves lying on the floor doesn’t appear to be my cup of tea.

So, let’s see if I can drag myself out of bed half an hour earlier two or three times a week and get them done and dusted. The programme only has them down to do once a week but on a previous half marathon programme (courtesy of Lee at KHRC) I was doing them every rest day. I’d like to do the same with this one.

Note to self: you forgot the Youtube links on core strength and stretching you promised to post today!

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