Day 7: Long Run Day

A very rare 8-hour sleep meant I had to dive out of bed at 7.45, eat, walk the dog and drive to Kings Heath Park to meet Dan for 8.50.

Not one of my best!

I wasn’t expecting to see Nick, David, Steve and Paul from KHRC waiting in the car park for a run of their own. Serious long distance runners these four, so I was only imagining a brief chat before we went our own ways. But they were planning a sensible 9.30 pace and invited me and Dan to join them. With the 15 minutes I owed the programme from yesterday I was planning to run for 1 hour 15 minutes and to peel off when I’d had enough. Tom and I ended up doing 1 hour 30 and 10 miles, a bit more than I was expecting and I decided to stop as soon as my knee showed signs of stiffening.

I hope to keep to this distance for the next couple of weeks so I can get back on track with the programme. Hopefully this will keep any niggles at bay.

Anyway, a really nice run: conversations ranging from marathon disasters, gym workouts and what a bummer it is getting old and joined by a french bulldog for a short while. Paul wondered whether Steve had pork scratchings in his back pocket. I for one was very disappointed when the owner insisted on having her dog back.


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Long Run Day

  1. Nice one, Ruth saw you on her way to join us for our long run and got a wave so thank you for that. And I saw Dave right at the end of mine as I dragged myself up my road trying to get a faster final mile (I do that to practise sprinting at the end of a race, but it’s not always something I can bring out of the bag!). I got a big shoutout from a friend in her car that led to a massive fuzzy husky thing getting overexcited and bouncing around on the end of its lead about 10 miles into my run – oops!


    1. I always enjoy bumping into other runners when we’re out. Yesterday it was Miles, who passed us going in the opposite direction along the canal. I didn’t see Ruth. That may have been after I’d peeled off or earlier when I was in a world of my own. I have got out of the habit of sprinting towards the end of a run. Might try that this week.

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