Day 9: Another story bites the dust

Before I took up running I used to tell myself that it absolutely wasn’t for me. I regarded ‘Joggers’ as a bit weird and couldn’t understand what they found the slightest bit interesting in pounding the streets. That story was soon put to bed following my first parkrun.

My running journey began in the summer, a very long, hot summer, and I told myself I liked running in the warm and probably wouldn’t like it when it turned cold. A few months later I found myself looking forward to turning up for club runs in sub-zero temperatures.

Another story I told myself was I wouldn’t enjoy running in the rain. Well, I’ve just finished a run in the rain, unbelievably the first run in proper rain since I started, and I loved it, especially the puddles! The soggy shoes and socks will soon dry out.

If running has taught me one thing it’s to challenge the stories I tell myself.

Let’s hope they don’t shrink!



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