Day 11: Aches and Pains

Foam roller – no pain no gain

I’m sure I’m not unique amongst runners in being very sensitive to the slightest sign of injury.

During my first year of running I was pretty complacent. I didn’t suffer from any niggles and considered myself immune to such things. Then one Sunday, towards the end of the Wythall 10k, I developed a sharp pain in my hip and the outside of my knee. This was one week before the Birmingham Half Marathon so I took myself off sharpish to a physio, who diagnosed a problem with my sacroilliac joint. Fortunately he worked his magic well and I completed the half pain free.

However, since then aches and pains have come and gone and I’ve become cautious about anything untoward. On the one hand I need to get the miles in during my preparation for the big M. But the goal is completing a marathon, not turning up for every run in between and aggravating an injury further.

I’m sure with experience I’ll learn what needs resting and what doesn’t. The latest niggle is a calf strain which appeared out of nowhere. It’s not painful to run on but I’m not sure the 10k ‘Christmas Tree’ run later is a good idea.  So, I’ve decided to take things easy – it’s a night in front of the telly with a foam roller.

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