Day 13: Cannon Hill Parkrun

My daughters question the logic of the following:

  1. I have an allotment immediately next to Cannon Hill Park that costs me around £60 a year.
  2. Parking at Cannon Hill costs £2. To avoid this I leave the car at the allotment.
  3. So by my calculations, as long as I do 30 parkruns a year, I’m getting the allotment for nothing. It seems entirely logical to me.
Please ignore the weeds

Runs start from the bandstand. I tend to turn up early so it’s pretty quiet when I arrive. This morning we had 608 runners – not bad for a pre-Christmas Saturday.

Volunteers arriving early at the bandstand

The marathon programme had me down to do varied pace today so I set off with the following plan, slightly shorter than in the programme to cater for my parkrun times:

  • 5 minutes easy run
  • 4 x (2minutes fast run/2 minutes easy run)
  • 5 minutes steady run

I started well, and did 1 fast/easy cycle, tried a second cycle but realised how much the sprint was taking out of me. I ended up doing the last 12 minutes at a steady pace. I felt pretty whacked at the end and with Strava playing up, I had no idea of my time. I was pretty pleased with the official time when the email arrived: 24.46. That’s about a minute slower than my PB but I’ve got to be happy with anything below 25. I’ll certainly be giving the varied pace another go next time.

It was then a case of looking out for my daughter, Anna, who did the parkrun herself.

Daughter and proud dad

Due to work commitments, Anna rarely gets the chance to run during the week and this was the first outing for her in a fortnight. Managing to complete a 5k without walking is therefore really impressive. I’m trying to persuade her to join me at KHRC on a Tuesday – if successful I’m sure she’ll be knocking out sub 30-minute parkruns in 2019! What do you reckon, Anna?

Come spring I’m hoping to get my youngest daughter up and atom Saturday mornings!

3 thoughts on “Day 13: Cannon Hill Parkrun

  1. Great to see you today, sorry I just let out a noise when I spotted you, but was jeffing (run-walk strategy) but pushing it harder than normal (and was rewarded with a faster than normal 7 miles for 7 miles including 5.5 miles of jeffing!).


    1. It was nice of you to give me a shout out. I think the ‘run walk’ strategy is genius. Apart from giving us the chance to experiment with pacing, I would imagine it can be an option if we’re carrying a slight injury or just not feeling it one day.

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