Day 14: Long Run

Just back from a very pleasant run with a small group of KHRC runners. Organised by Grace, we extended the Thursday night Christmas Tree run to make it 8.5 miles. At 1 hour 25 minutes is was more or less in line with the marathon programme for this week.

Screenshot 2018-12-23 at 21.56.20

We ran at a steady pace and no niggles to speak of. It was pretty tiring though and the thought of doing three times this distance in April seems almost inconceivable at the moment. But with an additional mile each week, I’m sure I’ll get there, especially with the support of this lot:


The run ended with some of Lisa’s delicious cake and a beer in the local pub. A thoroughly enjoyable evening!


A productive day all round as I finally got around to booking accommodation for the Brighton Half Marathon on 24th February.

2 thoughts on “Day 14: Long Run

  1. Well done! I did 7 and 10 back to back on Sat and Sun and did think o heck, I have to do 20 and 10 back to back some time in June in prep for my ultra. Ugh! Nice pics and having that group will be super for you.


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