Day 15: Rest Day?

screenshot 2019-01-24 at 22.08.10Christmas Eve and I have nothing to report on the running front – no runs, no core strength or stretching exercises, but plenty of washing, peeling, chopping and grating – an upper-body workout at least.

Four people will be sitting on the floor.

Catering for 14 tomorrow and a slightly apprehensive Christmas Eve for me as I volunteered to cook this year. Along with the turkey, stuffing and roast potatoes we have an array of veg, all of which I have ambitious plans for, courtesy of Jamie Oliver.  Don’t worry: the packet of dog food at the top of the photo isn’t a side dish.

An early start tomorrow for peeling and chopping Part 2.

As with the marathon it’s all about preparation and timing, so in a way this is excellent training for the big day! And hopefully this lot will provide the carbs I need for a short 4 mile run tomorrow evening.

Happy Christmas readers!

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