Day 18: Thursday AM, not PM

I’ve managed a second 8 miles 2 days on the trot without any niggles so I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. Sean led this morning’s run as an alternative to the Thursday evening social run. We had a good turnout and managed to stay together all the way round. Loved the run and the company. Kudos to Pete D (next to my right ear), who ran his 27th consecutive day as part of his ‘Marcothon’ challenge. That’s running every day throughout December. Well done Pete and good luck with your last 4 days!

Having a breather at Bournville Station

The pace today was a minute faster than yesterday but with no ill effects so I’m hoping the IT band has cleared up. As for my sacroiliac pain, that seems to be there from the moment I get up but dies down when I start running.

I had a short but useful chat with Paul, one of the club coaches, about my marathon preparation. I should listen to him and others who’ve pointed out the dangers of putting too much importance on getting a sub 4 hour on the day. Training at this pace is one thing but the main objective should be finishing.  I’m trying to listen!

We also had a chat about pacing. Working on the basis of a 4 hour finish, I need to be preparing at paces between 8 and 10 minute miles. I’ll try to work these into the various club and long runs over the next couple of months.

Next run: parkrun

2 thoughts on “Day 18: Thursday AM, not PM

  1. Paul’s a brilliant person to have on side and yes, I agree, maras have a habit of surprising one, so training as well as you can (but not getting too excited about building speed) and aiming to get round on the day are the two main things.


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