Day 20: Arrow Valley parkrun

Today was a chance to try my 5th different parkrun with a visit to Arrow Valley in Redditch. This was my second run here, the first on September 29th when I did a 10k. Just thought I’d mention that so I can sneak in a photo of a medal.


I enjoyed the 10k, despite being stung by a hornet, and was looking forward to returning for something a little shorter. Joining me were Sean, Grace and Dan from KHRC.


As with last week’s parkrun, I had every intention of using it for some varied pace practice, but again as before, ended up running at more or less the same pace all round. The start was a bit congested but I really enjoyed the run and would definitely recommend it. An added bonus was getting a shout out from Phil, who was doing his first volunteering session at Arrow Valley. Phil was one of the first people I got to know when I joined KHRC and has always been really supportive. Nice one Phil!

Screenshot 2018-12-29 at 14.25.14

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