Day 21: Cakes and running

I couldn’t quite understand the connection between running and cake at first. Runners talk quite a lot about cake, often share cake at the end of runs and consume it without a care in the world. Running being a healthy activity, I couldn’t see why cake was held in such high esteem.

It was about this time that weight was falling off me. I wasn’t exactly overweight when I started but after a few months I’d lost over a stone and people were commenting on how thin I was looking. The penny finally sank. They reckon 1 mile of running consumes around 100 calories. So a 4 mile run on a Tuesday evening and another 6 miles on Thursday amounts to 1000 calories. Throw in a parkrun on Saturday and perhaps a long run on Sunday and you’re looking at well over 2000 calories a week. Since I wasn’t eating any more than I had done as a former couch potato, I was running at a deficit!

So I now eat cake with the best of them, the latest being a delicious lemon drizzle, kindly baked and shared by Lisa after our run today.

Screenshot 2018-12-31 at 10.17.40
This didn’t last long!

This was the third 8 mile run I’d done in the past 5 days so my legs are getting a little heavy. But on the positive side, that’s 2,400 calories – a lot of cake!

Today’s runners

Screenshot 2018-12-30 at 22.07.21

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