Day 23: Flat battery

Thanks to staggered starts at different venues, New Years Day offers parkrunners the chance to do two events. However, I’d already decided I was only going to do the one and with nothing going on at Cannon Hill, I left the house planning on returning to Brueton Park, one of my very first parkruns.

Unfortunately, my plan was thwarted thanks to a flat battery, and with the car refusing to start I decided on a local run instead. The programme had today down for fartlek, or repeated steady running and sprinting, so I decided to incorporate this in the session.

Screenshot 2019-01-01 at 22.13.47.png

It went well for the first half but with my IT band complaining a little during the sprints I decided to keep to a steady run for the second half. It turned out to be a bit longer than a parkrun and not far short of the 40 minutes scheduled in the programme so I was happy with that.

On my return I was treated to a homemade smoothie made by my very talented daughter, Stella. Now these were absolutely delicious! Thanks Stella!

Stella’s Smoothies




One thought on “Day 23: Flat battery

  1. Ah, I thought I didn’t spot you at Brueton! I ran it with some ladies only one of whom I’d met before – I taught them about jeffing and had a lovely time getting two of them round their first parkrun. A PW time for me but a good experience, and I’m getting over a cold so couldn’t have pushed it much more. Well done for getting out there!


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