Day 24: January to the rescue

Having completed my core strength exercises 3 times on the trot I was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Then on Monday last I conveniently forgot to do them. I realised I needed a way to stop this ‘forgetting’ business and therefore jumped at the chance to sign up for ‘Red January’.

Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 19.38.24

RED January is all about improving mental health by doing something active every day in January. It doesn’t really matter what the activity is; running, walking the dog, visiting the gym, whatever takes your fancy. For me it was a chance to remember to do something on the 3 rest days from running each week – namely the core strength exercises. It’s only the 2nd January but it worked today so thanks to Red Together for the added help! Interested? You can find out more here:

I should also remember to treat myself for all this hard work. Perhaps a face mask courtesy of Stella:

Stella’s treat to herself


One thought on “Day 24: January to the rescue

  1. I’m doing RED January too and trying to model not having to run madly every day as I feel I should as one of the club’s mental health champions. I did 10 different stretches while getting up today which was quite fun (heel drops on the step in the hall, ankle rotations while cleaning my teeth…). Hint: don’t try to take pics of yourself doing strength training. I have some terrible examples on my blog! Impossible!


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