Day 25: The last Christmas Tree run

A very pleasant run tonight, the last of the Christmas Tree runs. It was chilly but we all soon warmed up and went round at a steady trot.


Once again I failed to get a record of the run on Strava, this time because the phone gave up about 10 minutes from the end. It’s probably time to start thinking about getting a  decent running watch!

I’ve been quite slow to get kitted out properly for running. For most of the first year I was usually seen in casual shorts, much to the amusement of other runners and it took me a long while to ditch the everyday socks for a lovely pair of hilly’s. We won’t mention the hand-me-down marathon and half marathon shirts kindly donated by other runners. Perhaps it’s now time to get serious and buy myself a Garmin. I’ll certainly need one when I run the marathon and it would be wise to learn how to use it beforehand.

Anyway, the run below was shared on Strava by Lisa. I did 6 miles so the first and last mile should be ignored. About 56 minutes, which isn’t bad at all for a 10k.

screenshot 2019-01-03 at 22.58.04

One thought on “Day 25: The last Christmas Tree run

  1. There are probably some good deals on Garmins at the moment. I have the Forerunner 35 which I’m finding to be excellent. I didn’t manage a single Christmas Tree Run this time round, maybe if I’d not been ill. I don’t love sliding down Parson’s Hill only to go round the corner and heave up from Kings Norton to Cotteridge, though.


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