Day 26: An uphill struggle?

A couple of clicky knees today. We had a lovely run last night and I particularly enjoyed the sprints uphill to get the heart going. The trouble with these uphill sprints seems to be the impact on my joints, especially the knees.

Having said that, I’m definitely becoming a fan of hills. When I first started running with KHRC the first question on a Tuesday night was always ‘Is it Allens Croft or Feck Hill tonight?’ To be perfectly honest, it didn’t make much difference either way as both of these were very challenging inclines at the time and I’d usually end up walking them. More recently I’ve been introduced to Cartland Road, a real brute that goes on and on forever, and which featured on last night’s run.

But I must be getting fitter as I no longer need to stop for breath quite so often. I found myself actually looking forward to Cartland last night and just about managed to run it at threshold pace without walking.

screenshot 2019-01-04 at 23.50.11

I do have a thing about Allens Croft though. By the time I hit this spot at the end of the hill I’m usually fit to drop.

screenshot 2019-01-04 at 23.29.37

Yes, I think I’m becoming a fan of hills. I just hope the knees don’t complain too much.


2 thoughts on “Day 26: An uphill struggle?

  1. I prefer Allens Croft to Feck Hill but I hate that twisty bit at the top right by the chip shop. But it comes later in the run so there’s less to do to get home. Cartland is horrible- there is a secret way to go up a side road and emerge half-way up but don’t ask me to explain it!


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