Day 30: First Club Run of 2019

A chilly evening nevertheless saw a huge turn out for the club run tonight. Lots of people enjoying a wonderful community event and, as with parkrun, totally free and made possible thanks to the kindness of volunteers.

We had a sizeable group of new runners, who were introduced to the rest of us by Barbara and received the customary round of applause.  They were supported by Lee, one of our qualified coaches, who got them started in what will hopefully become a passion. The rest of us organised ourselves into pace groups while Liz, the tail runner this week, made sure nobody came last. We had a group of reverse runners to ensure we all ran courteously and in single file.  And we were all able to meet in the playground of a local school who are kind enough to offer us the space to park and warm up. Fantastic!

screenshot 2019-01-08 at 22.50.18

As for the run, I enjoyed it though my legs felt a little heavy this evening. According to the programme it was supposed to be fartlek but I chose to do it at a threshold pace all round and have a chat while I still could. Overall the pace was more or less where it was supposed to be for a Tuesday run.  And I managed Allens Croft without stopping, in the process achieving my second fastest time up that particular stretch. I think the trick is simply to not look up. Focus on the pavement in front of you and just dig in.


2 thoughts on “Day 30: First Club Run of 2019

  1. Liz the tail runner might have made sure nobody came last but she also went the wrong way! Still, retracing the route looking for runners at the back who weren’t actually there meant I gave my group the four miles anyway. Hm. Glad you had a good run.


  2. Arrggghhhh! I’m glad to hear you didn’t lose anybody. Not being a Kings Heath local I would almost certainly get lost on some of the routes if I didn’t have someone in sight in front of me. After all this time I still need help on the early parts of the Allens Croft and Feck Hill runs!


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