Day 31: Re-thinking long runs

I really enjoy meeting up with others on a Sunday morning to do our long runs. The company’s great and the local knowledge that others have mean I get to enjoy some lovely routes I wouldn’t normally try on my own. There’s the chance to congratulate each other on a job well done when we meet up at the end, and now and again the promise of cake … what’s not to like?

But as my target mileage increases each week it’s going to be more difficult to find others who want to do the same distance and are happy to run at my pace. So I’m now planning to arrange local solo runs from now on. If any invites go out for something appropriate I’ll jump at the chance to join others, but to ensure there’s a run each week I’ll plan for something round here.

Acocks Green

Once upon a time this would have been a little disheartening as I’d convinced myself I didn’t like running on my own. But that was another story I put to bed last Sunday when I enjoyed a 10 mile run from Acocks Green through to Solihull and back again. I can extend this run quite easily from 14 all the way to 24 miles and finishing at home will be a godsend when I’m on my last legs!

2 thoughts on “Day 31: Re-thinking long runs

  1. I encountered this issue with my first marathon and to an extent with others, and what I did was arrange to meet up with people at my speed for bits of my run. Sometimes this turned into a sort of relay with me as the baton. So I might start in the park with Trudie and Bernice, run them back there after 6 miles and pick up Jenny to do another six-mile loop. Another option was to give someone my route and they would run back along it after I’d started, to see where they met me and turned round and ran back with me. Hope that helps – it doesn’t all have to be solo. Advertise this on the club page as you might not know the people one pace slower than your usual pace.


  2. Good thinking Liz. I’ll certainly be advertising them on Facebook for anyone who fancies a change of scenery and the idea of meeting up with others doing shorter distances could also be a solution. Sundays are quite popular so that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Thanks!

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