Day 32: Thursday social run

Thursday evening is social run time. As usual I was one of the first to arrive and took the opportunity to warm up before things got started.


Tonight was the first of the C25k runs and so numbers were swelled by new runners. Various club members have signed up to support this group over the coming weeks and I’m dead pleased to have my turn to run with them the week before they do their parkrun. Should be a good night!


After the briefing I set off with the 9.30 group.  We did the Christmas Tree route, sadly now bereft of Christmas trees, but another enjoyable run. I hit my target of a 9.30 pace and managed to get a few strenuous runs in thanks to the hills on the route, especially  Cartland, which left me feeling pretty knackered. Finishing time was 59.17. My pb of 48.58 at the NICE 10k in November seems a world away at the moment.  But it’s all eyes on the marathon, so pbs are off the menu.

Next run Cannon Hill parkrun.



2 thoughts on “Day 32: Thursday social run

  1. Oh that route is horrendous (I particularly dislike picking my way down slippery Parson’s Hill) and the hill from Kings Norton to Cotteridge is awful as well as Cartland. So I wouldn’t worry about it being different from your 10k PB!


  2. It’s not just me then Liz! I know what to expect with Cartland so I prepare myself for it. But the hill from Kings Norton to Cotteridge always takes me by surprise – not any more! And yes, Parson’s Hill isn’t my favourite part of the run – a bit harsh on the knees and hips.

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