Day 33: Re-jigging the programme

Several runners have suggested running to 24 miles during my preparation. By all accounts the last half-dozen miles of the marathon are extremely challenging and getting close to the distance beforehand will help me physically and psychologically.

As the programme I’m using only takes me to 22 miles I’ll be adding 2 miles to each of the long runs starting this Sunday, when I’ll be running 12 rather than 10 miles. Failing a group run at this distance from Kings Heath, I’ll have a go at the following route locally.

screenshot 2019-01-11 at 21.17.52

I’m looking forward to this one. It’ll be the longest run since the half marathon so a good test of how I’m progressing. I think going anti-clockwise will mean facing a nasty hill on the A45 towards the end so may try it clockwise.

2 thoughts on “Day 33: Re-jigging the programme

  1. I have got up to 22.5 or 23 each time I think and that does help give confidence, but 22 is also good. I worry about people only doing 20 as that seems a lot extra to do on the day!


  2. 24 will certainly help with my confidence … if I ever get there of course! I’ve got the same 12 miles next Sunday, then a rest week, and then the miles get added. Unchartered waters from then on!

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