Day 34: A new me?

I really must be taking this marathon idea seriously. It’s certainly having a strange effect on me.

I’d read for a while in bed last night and just as I was about to crash, I remembered I hadn’t completed my core strength exercises that day. Within seconds I was out of bed, doing my side planks, sit ups and the rest. This is not me. REALLY not me. And as a bonus, RED January was saved for another day.

Freebie laces from RED January

The new me began parkrun this morning feeling up for a good effort but almost immediately found myself struggling. My shoulders were hurting, the legs were heavy and I became quite breathless. On two or three occasions the old Peter would definitely have started walking. But I found myself pushing back against these thoughts, realising if I’m going to run 26 miles in a couple of months I need to run through moments like this. So I kept going and finished in 23.36 – just 1 second off my pb. Annoyingly, I did walk a couple of paces at the top of the hill, which probably cost me a few seconds, but I’m pleased and quite proud of the fact that I showed a degree of determination that wouldn’t have been there a year or so ago,


Such hard work deserved a treat, so Stella and I baked a lemon drizzle cake (well, Stella baked and I washed up), and very nice it is too!


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