Day 39: 1/3 of the way

80 days remaining! That’s one third down, two to go.

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 21.37.03

It was the 10k ‘Christmas Tree’ social run tonight but I decided to extend it a little with a pre and post run to the car and ended up doing 8.6 miles. (The pre run isn’t included above.) I don’t seem to be able to shake off the 9.30 pace! I had a few niggles this evening including painful knees and one in the back of my heel towards the end. Nothing serious but I really will try and get in a few 10-10.30mm when I do the 12 miles on Sunday.

I’m looking forward to a new route next week but I have no complaints about the Christmas Tree run, even without the trees. There are two really challenging hills on the route, the first up the Pershore Road to Cotteridge, and Cartland of course. These are a good opportunity to push myself and increase my heart rate.

And my new Garmin? I love it. I’m still all fingers and thumbs trying to remember which button does what but it’s a lot easier than using the phone. I especially like the simplicity of the pause function, which used to be a real faff. It shows my heart rate in the red over the last mile or so which corresponds to a 9mm pace, so another reason for taking it easy.

Next run Sunday as I’ll be volunteering at Cannon Hill on Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Day 39: 1/3 of the way

  1. Great work! I put mine on autopause when training but remember to take it off when racing so you know the true elapsed time, not just the running time. I enjoyed supporting the beginners yesterday but did some VERY wiggly running to get home the long way round. You’re stretching and strengthening those legs, right?


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