Day 40: Ignorance is bliss

One of the many pieces of information my new Garmin provides involves heart rate. I know from my previous Fitbit that I have quite a low resting heart rate, about 45-50, which is a good thing … I think. However, it seems the Fitbit understated my heart rate when I was running. The Garmin tells me I hit 178 during my run last night.

screenshot 2019-01-18 at 21.51.46

The red in the graph above was a little concerning so I’ve been doing some research today to find out if I’m about to suffer a heart attack during one of my runs.

Our MHR (maximum heart rate) gets lower the older we get and for a person of my age, 160 is regarded as a typical MHR.  So, the reason it’s red is because I’ve exceeded my MHR. But wait – I could actually have a very healthy heart. The fact that I feel comfortable and can talk quite easily while I’m running suggests my personal MHR is actually higher than 160 – I might have a younger man’s heart!

This might be wishful thinking and I’ll be looking into this a little more. But I do wonder why my heart rate is so high when I’m running gently. I’ll be interested to see what it’s like when I do my next speedy run.

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