Day 41: Funnel managing

I was volunteering at Cannon Hill parkrun this morning, and quite a morning it was, with a massive 919 runners.



I was funnel managing again. I love wishing the runners well when they’ve finished, and as I always take the end of the tape, they’ve had a few moments to recover and can manage a breathless ‘thanks’.

A bit of a panic this morning. I was trying to unravel the tape before the runners arrived and had trouble getting it untangled. What initially seemed like an easy task with plenty of time ended up proving difficult, especially with cold fingers. The minutes were ticking passed, I knew the runners were approaching and there was me holding a handful of knots! I made it just in time but with so many runners, I actually ended up having to walk almost to the gates at the end of the path, tapeless, to keep everyone moving. Lots of cooperation from parkrunners though and it all went very smoothly.


It was then off to the High Fields with the girls. No mum today as Fiona was away but we enjoyed a tasty breakfast in her honour.


2 thoughts on “Day 41: Funnel managing

  1. I like looking after the funnel and making sure it’s all running smoothly, and good for you, doing your bit. That’s almost a record (I know the record is 1.018 as I was there, scanning, and got a small blister!).


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