Day 42: My longest run to date

screenshot 2019-01-20 at 19.05.31

Today was supposed to be the programme plus 2 again, that’s 12 miles. I set off about 9.45 and was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of sunshine and no sign of the Arctic conditions they keep trying to scare us with.

The programme suggested running easy for the first 3 miles, then 6 miles at marathon pace finishing the last 3 at easy pace.  I was aiming for 10.30 easy, 9.10 marathon pace (nothing wrong with a bit of positive thinking), and finishing at 10.30mm.

I managed to keep things steady at the beginning and I found it quite motivational during the middle 6 miles knowing that at 9 miles I’d be able to take things easy again. It helped break the run down and was something to look forward to.

I felt pretty good as I reached 11 miles so decided to extend the run to 14 miles, my longest distance to date. Exact figures were

  • Distance: 14.04
  • Time: 2.14
  • Pace: 9.34

And perhaps because I’d done a better job of keeping an eye on my pace, I felt a lot stronger at the end compared to last week. This was in large part thanks to the Garmin. Being able to check my pace easily helped me stay slow for the start of the run and avoid going over pace too much. And my heart rate? More good news. It only got as high as 135 throughout the entire run so the high stats for last Thursday are a mystery.

The programme has gifted me with a recovery week now so no more long runs for 2 whole weeks!

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