Day 45: Could do better

Most things seem to be going well with my marathon training. I’m keeping more or less to the programme in terms of runs and pacing, making a better effort to stretch at the end of runs and eating pretty well.

But what is it with me and these core strength exercises? I’ve missed several of them over the past week or so, including today – I’ll have a go after writing this blog but it’s not ideal doing them late at night.

My legs and hips were aching towards the end of the 14 mile run on Sunday and I clearly need to make more of an effort to do them. Unlike running, which I approach very positively and enjoy, I find the thought of them a little uninspiring – they remind me of all the reasons why I never took up exercising before!

Never mind, there’s still 10 weeks to go, starting now …

Postscript: Just finished them. They’re not that bad. Get over yerself!

2 thoughts on “Day 45: Could do better

  1. I hear you! I run and do yoga without a murmur, but doing my circuits from Paul (which are great, have been getting me stronger and include core) and I put it off and put it off and moan about it … Not sure what the answer is but I’m doing February Five again this year and my Five theme is going to be stretching AND core/strength training each 5 days out of 7 (not the full routine each time, obvs), and I’m going to see if that sticks. Well done for getting yours done. A chart on the fridge with a reward at the end?


  2. It’s good to hear I’m not the only one Liz. I think ‘putting it off’ is the crux of the problem. I’ve now told myself these things need to be done and dusted by lunchtime. So far so good!

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