Day 46: Peace and quiet

It was a new 10k social run tonight and an enjoyable route too. No stand out moments like the hills on the Christmas Tree run, but pretty flat throughout and a new shape on Strava an added bonus!

screenshot 2019-01-24 at 21.28.27

I drove home afterwards, reflecting on the run and it struck me just how at peace I feel when I’m doing these Thursday 10ks. When I take it easy there’s no pain, not much in the way of breathlessness, no niggles causing any concern, and I seem to get totally zoned out. I’m not even aware that I’m zoned out. I’m just running and there’s nothing else going on. The odd thought will enter my mind but it disappears as quickly as it arrived. It’s a really pleasant state of mind.

I feel very lucky to have discovered such a simple way to turn off the endless thoughts that rattle around in my head and to just enjoy the sensation of running.

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