Day 48: parkrun PB

It was quite mild this morning compared to recent days and dry, at least for the run. I was looking forward to this parkrun. My last PB was a couple of months back and with my fancy new watch, I decided to try and go for gold.

Unfortunately, after I’d started I realised I must have pressed something I shouldn’t have as the watch was only showing the time and I had to settle for the pace alert each mile. I knew I’d have to be around 7.25 if I was going to have any chance of a PB and I was there or thereabouts each mile. No surprise that the hill was a killer but having blown a PB the previous week by walking at the top, I gave myself a good talking to and kept going to the finish line. The watch showed a PB by a few seconds and luckily the email later confirmed it, 23.29, so happy days.

screenshot 2019-01-26 at 22.32.57

I’ve managed to get round at 23 minutes several times over the last couple of months and I feel that I ran at my absolute limit this morning. I have to remember that the marathon is the prize and though a sub 23 would be great, I really don’t want to push too hard and injure myself.

I was having a cuppa with a couple of club mates after and it suddenly struck me that I was very close to my 50th parkrun, in fact I was a little concerned that it had actually been today and I’d forgotten. Luckily that wasn’t the case and I’ll be celebrating this next week.

3 thoughts on “Day 48: parkrun PB

  1. Yes, Liz. Yesterday was my 50th. I’m really quite pleased with myself as I’ve only been doing them for 18 months and have manage to fit in 12 volunteer sessions as well. How many have you done?

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