Day 49: A breezy 8 miles

The last day of my recovery week and I set off this morning to meet a small group at Kings Heath Park to do 8 miles. We had a very cold wind to contend with and my legs were feeling like lead a lot of the way round. This was probably payback for pushing myself at the parkrun yesterday. It’s worth remembering that as the miles creep up over the next few weeks, going hell for leather the day before might not be the most sensible of strategies.


Anyhow, despite the wind and heavy legs, the run was great and we were treated to another lemon drizzle courtesy of Lisa.

I’ve definitely benefitted from taking it easy this week but I’ve been looking forward to this point in the training schedule. I’m now 10 weeks out and from now on the long runs kick in and I’m keen to see  how I cope with (another) 14 then 16 and 18 miles.  The Brighton half the week after will hopefully be a doddle in comparison!

3 thoughts on “Day 49: A breezy 8 miles

  1. I was wondering the same Liz. Having said that, I’m not going to Brighton or Coventry with the aim of getting a pb for a half. After a difficult run today, I’ll be pleased to get around without an injury!

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