Day 50: The Notts20

I’m thinking of another slight change of plan to my schedule. One of the Sunday runners has shared a a possible 20 mile run. The ‘Notts20‘ takes place on the 17th March, one week before the Coventry half and three weeks before Manchester.

screenshot 2019-01-28 at 22.04.06

The 17th is down on the schedule for 22 miles, but I could always increase mileage to 22 the week before. It will just mean starting my taper from the 10th March instead of the 17th. It would also add a bit of excitement at Week 14, a good idea if the long runs start to feel like a bit of a slog.

Three organised runs over four weekends, 20 miles, 13 miles and 26 miles – wow! If I can get through the first two of these uninjured, I like to think I’ll be in a good frame of mind for the big one.


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