Day 52: Feeling poorly

Day 52 a day late thanks to an early night and a very sore throat. Sadly my ‘Red January’ has gone by the wayside – unless two dog walks count for activity.

This is actually the first cold/sore throat/severe case of manflu I’ve had since I took up running over 16 months ago. There’s a general rule that symptoms above the neck are no block to running, but to avoid slipping on the trainers with anything below the neck, and certainly not in sub-zero temperatures. Freezing cold it is, so this evening’s social run is looking unlikely. We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “Day 52: Feeling poorly

  1. Yes, the dog walks counted. I had one day I literally walked twice as far as normal walking the (4 minute) walk to the shops but I was feeling very battered by my husband’s flu and it was all I could do!


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