Day 56: Not an easy long run

I was questioning only ever so slightly whether I should run today. My chest was quite tight this morning, it was freezing cold and I was concerned I’d hold the other runners up.


I had a very uncomfortable run, almost from the start, which is a shame as Grace had mapped out a really nice 16 mile route into town and out again.  In earlier posts I’ve commented on how empty my head gets when I’m running but today was full of doubts that I could make the distance. There were odd moments after a gel where I felt OK, but all in all I just wasn’t feeling it. I started to run/walk from 10 miles and threw in the towel just before 13 as I was developing what felt like a new IT band pain in my right leg.  The group were unbelievably supportive and encouraged me to stick it out, but I definitely made the right decision.

This is the first time I’ve had a run like that. It goes to show how a cold can affect these long runs as two weeks ago I managed 14 miles quite easily. A lesson learned. I’ve been icing my leg and hopefully it will clear up soon. And I need to give myself permission to have some time off if it does still hurt on Tuesday or the cold is still hanging on.

3 thoughts on “Day 56: Not an easy long run

  1. Sorry to hear about this, you did well to get to 13 and I’m glad you had the group to look after you. If it’s any consolation, I think there HAS to be one long run that’s a nightmare in every marathon training campaign. For example:

    Reykjavik 2016 – 18 miler I think. t was v hot and I wasn’t doing hot training and I don’t like running in the hot. Got to CHP and had to sit down on a bench by junior parkrun. Got to KHP, more sitting down. Ran into Ian from club, informed him that I’d had toilet issues beforehand (yay overshare) and he got me round the last 2 miles, goodness knows how.

    Birmingham 2017 – definitely 18 miler. I felt off running with Trudie but didn’t tell her. Got stomach pains and thought was going to be unwell. Instead of doing 10 around a nice big loop I ran up to Cotteridge centre then back back down Pershore Road, running grimly for 100-150 steps (0.1-0.15 miles) up and back down each side road, so if I was taken bad I could hop on an 11 bus.

    Manchester 2018 – 23 miler that wasn’t – I had missed running on the Sunday because of snow. So I went out too soon after lunch on the Tuesday and never digested my lunch, so no gel or lucozade sport got into my system, it just all sat there. Unwell at a friend’s house, sort of blanked out at the bottom of Fox Hollies and messaged the Manc WhatsApp group, causing Paul and Suki to almost drive out to find me. Met up with Bernice, dragged myself round, felt better at 20 then cramp hit, gave up at 21 and foraged madly for salt.

    Hope that helps in some way. You’re strong and you know what to do, do the things, get better and get out there again.


  2. You’re really very kind for sharing this Liz. And it does show that these things happen and yet certainly haven’t dented your enthusiasm for running. I think it was mainly the fact that it was a new experience for me, running and not enjoying it but once again – a learning opportunity. I’m looking forward to next Sunday and 16 miles, though will be taking it very easy! I may pay a physio a visit to have a look at my outer knee pain. I’ve had it before on the other leg though this feels a little different. It’s nowhere near as painful as yesterday though and it will take a run to discover if it needs treatment.

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    1. I would say physio first – they will be able to tell if it needs treatment before you run on it and hurt yourself. And I’m always happy to share bad runs as it does reassure us all! It is horrible the first time but you will bounce back. It’s also very emotional doing your first marathon (the second one is SO MUCH EASIER!) so you need to try to ride with it, accepting the emotions as they come but let them pass.


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