Day 59: Half way

If my calculations are correct I’m at the halfway point in terms of days to the Marathon. I’ve clocked up 122 miles so far this year with distances being ramped up from now on. Really looking forward to seeing how the next couple of weeks pan out.

I want to start pushing myself a bit more now – niggles permitting. I’ve been taking most of the runs steady recently and although it’s pleasant to run at a gentle pace I don’t think it’s doing much to improve stamina.  I’m hoping to up the pace tomorrow on the social run and might also try adding a couple of miles to get closer to 8-10.

Thanks to the core strength work I reckon I must be getting stronger as I’m now doubling the repetitions for several of the exercises compared to when I started.  I’m also doing some new ones for hips and glutes.

2 thoughts on “Day 59: Half way

  1. I know you know I’m going to say this but I’m going to say it anyway: do not try to increase speed and distance on your long runs. Pretty well every single person I know who has done this has ended up injured. Yes, do hill, speed, tempo sessions in your shorter runs. But the long ones you need to be doing at a pace where you could keep on running forever. Yes, by all means build in THE ODD mile at marathon target pace, but only the odd one in your long run and not if you’re feeling fatigued. This is the point at which you start feeling strong and invincible, and the damage won’t notice at first, but many will advise keeping those long runs very gentle.


  2. Thanks for the reminder Liz. I used to knock out 8.30 mm 10k runs but have lately been doing the same in 9.30mm and the slower pace has kept niggles at bay. I suppose I’m looking for what my comfort point is, which actually I know is closer to 9.30 over longer distances. Yes, thanks for the reminder!

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