Day 62: parkrun and upping the miles

Turned up for parkrun this morning despite feeling a bit chesty but managed to get round in 24.55, which I was happy with.

I’ve been questioning whether the London Marathon training programme is pushing me sufficiently. The weekly mileage so far hasn’t been too challenging. There are three non running days and the 4 runs coincide more or less with the club runs + parkrun + long run. This means I’ve been running at most about 28 miles a week.

I was looking at another marathon programme in Runners World. The selling point was it only went to 16 miles but it was far more demanding in terms of weekly mileage, which would have had me running over 40 miles a week by now. I liked the look of this programme as the emphasis at this stage is building strength and in practice this means more mileage but with most of it at easy run pace. The author emphasised the latter point in particular and is something I need to pay more attention to.

I’m still working this new programme out but in essence it would mean doing an 8 mile double run on Tuesday at an easy pace, perhaps a short 4 mile run on Wednesday at easy pace, 8 miles on Thursday with 6 miles at marathon pace (I’m still not sure what this is),¬† parkrun on Saturday and the long run on Sunday. I’d like to extend this past 16 miles, perhaps to 20. But in the meantime, it would mean my weekly total over the coming weeks would increase to 40 miles. Even without the Wednesday run I could be hitting 36 miles. I’ll certainly give it a go this week and see how I feel about it.

4 thoughts on “Day 62: parkrun and upping the miles

  1. Sounds OK but I would caution against increasing your weekly total by more than 10% per week, especially as a relatively new runner – it can lead to overuse injuries and fatigue, shin splints and all sorts. So a bridge between the two this time round and that as your training for the next marathon …


    1. Thanks Liz. I can definitely see the dangers of increasing mileage too much. I do need to spend the next few weeks working on strength though – unless yesterday’s exhausted legs were down to my cold! Chris’ suggestion of spin classes might be the answer, along with a few extra miles during the week. The good news is that according to my Garmin, my VO2 max rating is ‘superior’ at 48, so I think I can relax a little as far as speed work is concerned.

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      1. It might be the cold still – if you’re not breathing as deeply as normal you don’t get so much oxygen to your muscles. I think spin is a great idea. And that’s a decent Vo2 max!!

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