Day 63: 16 miles

I decided to do my first 16-mile run on my own rather than join the Sunday runners.  I’m still feeling quite chesty and wanted to slow my pace to around 10.30, which would have meant lagging behind.

So I dragged myself out of bed at 6.15 tried to ignore the fact that it was raining and psyched myself up for the challenge.

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 18.16.40

I tried to keep things slow, and the overall pace of 10.10 was probably a little faster than was comfortable. I think I may be discovering my marathon pace at last. The last couple of miles were very difficult and I’ll be aiming for closer to 10.30-10.45 next week when I attempt 18 miles.

Another thing I learnt today was how much I need to strengthen my legs. I wasn’t too bad in terms of breathing, even with my cold, but the legs were in a bad way. No niggles or injuries, just very tired. So I’ll be adding more mileage over the coming weeks, but won’t be overdoing it.

So 16 miles and 2.42 hours running, my longest one yet!

8 thoughts on “Day 63: 16 miles

  1. Well done: I’m so glad you managed your 16! As I’ve mentioned on my blog today, I usually have to have two attempts at 15 for some reason so I’m pleased I nailed that today myself. Great work!


    1. Well done on your run Liz. It wasn’t the nicest day to be doing a long run was it? I got drenched three times by passing cars and a lorry – but it’s surprising how little it concerns you when the focus is on just keeping moving!


      1. It was quite challenging, esp at the end when the wind had picked up – I was struggling down one road with the wind in my face, then turned 180 degrees and it still was! Didn’t get splashed tho did sprint past some suspicious puddles, and I got wet feed from shifting paving stones with water under them. But we got those miles in, and it’s always good to train in difficult conditions!


  2. Hi Pete,
    Well done on completing a very long run! I was wondering what you do on your rest days? If strength is the issue now, I wondered whether you cycled or swam? I’ve found spinning classes good, or hilly bike rides where you have to stand up on a bike! Almost certainly something not to do for a day or two after a demanding run when you’re not feeling in peak condition. It sounds like you’re doing well!

    Chris C

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    1. Thanks Chris. Up until now my rest days have been used for core strength exercises, planks, sit ups push ups etc. Sadly I’m no swimmer and the thought of getting on a bike and hitting the streets doesn’t do it for me – or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. I like your idea of the spin classes. They do them at Fox Hollies, which is only five minutes down the road and who knows, it might be a positive introduction to cycling. There’s a chance that the exhaustion my legs were suffering from yesterday was down to my cold, but trying something in addition to running might be just what I need.


  3. Hope you’re recovered?

    Cycling/spinning certainly uses slightly different muscles in your upper legs to those you use for running, at least when you’re standing up on the bike. I find spinning exhausting – as with runnng I had to learn to pace myself over the course of a 45 or 60 min class! You certainly can’t do it without taking a big bottle of water with you.

    No, cycling round Birmingham takes bravery. I’ve sometimes gone out south of the city early on a Sunday morning and done an anti-clockwise loop or else gone out towards the Lickey Hills. Spinning gives you more control over the level of effort you make and it’s safer.


    1. I paid Fox Hollies Leisure Centre a visit on Monday to have a chat about their spin classes. I could attend an evening class or book a bike at a time of my own choosing. I’ll have to see how I can fit it in as I think I’d prefer a class to begin with, If it’s something I can take steady to begin with I’m sure it will help.


  4. Good luck! I don’t think it’s a coincidence that lots of the quicker runners in our club are people who cycle to work. But just take it easy in that first class! I also find it means I have to do more foam rolling but it feels like it’s worth it.


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