Day 65: nursing pains

I’ve been preparing myself for aches and pains as the miles clock up and I’m now beginning to feel it. Currently suffering with lower back pain on the right which feels like my sacroiliac joint. This flared up on Sunday but I ran with it on Tuesday and it wasn’t too bad. I’ve now developed a minor groin ache. Neither are overly painful but I do wonder how you should deal with these issues when you’re nearing the big day and don’t really have the luxury of recovery periods.

But I’m still feeling very positive. I’ll probably do the social run tomorrow, but take it very easy and will give parkrun a miss this week, giving me a couple of days rest before the Sunday 18 miles. I might also pay a visit to a physio early next week depending on how I feel after the weekend. I certainly won’t be doing anything silly at the Brighton Marathon Sunday week!

2 thoughts on “Day 65: nursing pains

  1. I’d say physio to be honest, just in case. And you will get exercises that will help and strengthen. Always best to nip things in the bud. Do as I say, not as I do mind: I shouldn’t be rolling out months’-worth of scar tissue on my hamstring!!


  2. I’ll be booking something next week I think and keep my fingers crossed that the long Sunday run beforehand doesn’t do any further harm. I have the Brighton Half the following weekend so a bit of TLC won’t go amiss.

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