Day 66: Thursday 10K

A really nice run tonight. A steady 10.00 pace, a nice chat and the hip pain was there but didn’t get any worse.


I like the latest route and I was pleased to be able to get up the hill on Avenue Road without too much of a struggle. And lots of running buddies happy to have their photos taken for the blog. What’s not to like?



The next run will be Sunday as I don’t expect to be doing parkrun this week. That’ll be an 18 mile effort, perhaps with those organising a run to replicate a lions head on Strava!

3 thoughts on “Day 66: Thursday 10K

  1. Great pics and good luck with the 18. I’m incorporating leading Saturday’s club run into my 16, with that coming early so I’m fresh for it. Trialling Tailwind drink but keeping spare food in someone’s car in the park just in case!


  2. Good luck with your run Liz. I’ve never heard of Tailwind. I might try experimenting with different gels. I use the SiS ones, which don’t disagree with me but neither might others. Getting them locally is tricky and most of them seem to have caffeine, which I’m not sure whether that’s good or not. I might order a bulk buy online of the plain isotonic ones.

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    1. Watch out for my blog post later today where I discuss how I got on with the Tailwind. I like Torq and Gu gels because you get the most calories for the smallest packet and I personally like the thicker consistency (OK and the pudding flavours …)


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