Day 68: parkrun

I hadn’t expected to be doing parkrun today, but thanks literally to a last minute change of plan I found myself rushing to Cannon Hill to do my 52nd parkrun, and giving my new shirt its first outing.

916 runners made it quite a congested start but I soon got into a steady pace. I had absolutely no intention of going for a pb today and I was happy to come home at 25.14 without any niggles and in pretty good shape.

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 05.49.45

My chest cold seems to have cleared up and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s 18 mile run. This will be last week’s route plus 2, which means going all the way up to Nottcuts and navigating around the major roundabout before turning to head for Solihull. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

2 thoughts on “Day 68: parkrun

  1. Best of luck on your long one – I’ll look forward to finding out how you’ve done. Good to add miles to a known route, especially first time round when you’re not bored with all your routes!! I did 15 instead of 16 yesterday (OK, 15.1) but having had a stressful evening and not enough sleep, I was pretty amazed I got that far!


  2. Well done on your run Liz. Touch wood I’ve yet to get bored doing the same though extended route each week. I’m lucky to have such a long, relatively flat run locally.


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