Day 69: 18 miles

A real confidence boosting run today. This was the same route as last week but with a couple of miles added along the Stratford Road taking me up to Nottcutts. It was a lovely sunny morning, no wind to speak of and the perfect temperature for running.

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 21.14.32

I made an effort to keep things slow at the beginning and once my legs had loosened up I felt comfortable running at 9.30-10.00mm pace. It looks like 10.00 will be my marathon pace, which would get me in at around 4 hours 20 – I’ll settle for that.

The hip pain was barely noticeable and the only concern was a pain that came on around mile 14 on the outside of my right knee. But I managed to run this off and felt pretty good all the way to 17 miles. The last one was hard work but I think that was psychological as home was in sight.

The run lasted 2.58 hours with an overall pace of 9.55, and was noticeably more comfortable than the 16 mile run last week when the cold was having its last hurrah. I now have 2 weeks before the next long run. This will either be 20 or 22 miles and I’m feeling up for it.



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