Day 73: Thursday social run

It’s a bit late in the day but I’m keen to clock up a decent number of miles in February so I decided to extend tonight’s run to 8 miles, taking the monthly total so far to 92.

Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 22.32.16

An average 9.34 pace was OK and no serious niggles to report. I did jar my hip at one point when I missed a kerb but no signs that I’ve aggravated a joint that tends to give me problems.

The next run is Brighton and the question is do I go for a sub 2 hour at 9mm or stick to my marathon pace training, which would be around 9.30, a comfortable tempo run. Probably something to decide on the day.

2 thoughts on “Day 73: Thursday social run

  1. Nice one – I’ve done 74 miles this month so far so should reach my 1000-miles-a-year target before the end of the month. For Brighton, maybe try doing the first half at marathon pace and see how you go, then ramp it up for the second half? I think it’s on a camber for part of it so watch your hips for that and make sure you’re running on as level as part of the road as possible if that happens – running wonky is what hurt me at Bham mara. Good luck and go well!


    1. 1000 miles in a year – well done you!! As regards Brighton, that’s the plan Liz, a gentle start and see how it goes. I totally get what you mean about the camber on roads and pavements. In fact that’s the reason I enjoy organised events – I can run in the middle of the road on even ground.

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