Days 75/76: Brighton Half

Well that was fun! Just back from a lovely weekend with running buddies. It started with a volunteer session at Cannon Hill on Saturday followed by a journey down south to Brighton. After spending over an hour looking for a parking space, we finally found our way to our respective hotels. I’d only managed a bowl of porridge in the morning so it was pizza and a beer in the evening before shamefully deciding on an early night.


A lovely sunny morning promised a great day for a run and after breakfast it was off to the pier to meet the other KHRC runners.


It was a bit of a congested start and I wasn’t planning on going for a PB but I found myself doing regular sub 9mm and decided to go for it. It got surprisingly warm by mile 3 or 4 but I managed to keep up the pace until mile 12. The last mile was hard work but I had enough time in the bank and happily slowed a little when my legs had had enough.

I was really pleased with a PB of 1.57.11. Over the past few months I’ve deliberately slowed during my marathon training and wasn’t sure I’d be able to run at this pace for 13 miles. All this hard work is clearly paying off.


We were all rewarded with a pretty impressive medal – probably my favourite so far.

We were sharing Brighton with a tattoo convention, and there was talk of us getting a lion’s head each while we were there. But we bottled it, or at least I did.

All in all, a lovely weekend!




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