Day 80: Thursday 10k social run

Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 21.32.14

I wanted to hit 120 miles this month and needed to do 8 miles tonight to reach my target. So I parked up a mile from the school and with a run there and back, managed 8.2 miles and a grand total for February of 120.7 miles.  The 10k was a nice run; a bit social a bit solo, and no niggles to speak of.

I’ve been wondering which camp I’m going to find myself in after Manchester. Most people I’ve spoken to who’ve completed a marathon say ‘no more’, in most cases because of the amount of training needed to maintain fitness. Then there are the minority, those who no sooner finish one marathon are getting ready for their next one. I like the idea of multiple marathons. I’ve enjoyed the long runs and I’m looking forward to the 20 mile run this Sunday. I’ve spent some time today looking at marathons taking place in the summer.  If Manchester goes well and I manage to escape injury, I’d like try another around June. Liverpool clashes with Stella’s birthday so I’ve got my eye on Worcester. We’ll see!


One thought on “Day 80: Thursday 10k social run

  1. I get so upset when people do a marathon then stop running! I think if you enjoy the long runs it’s great to carry on, however we’re not all those guys from club who do them all the time and I’m finding one a year is dealable with (half the year to deal with issues, half to train, do and recover). But best of luck and do keep running, whatever you decide!


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