Day 85: Belatedly

It’s actually Day 86 now, but who’s counting. I decided to avoid the Tuesday night pre-run and just do 4 miles. (Nothing to do with the last minute pancake I had before leaving the house.)


I also thought it best to take it easy and went out with the 10mm gang. I think it was a wise decision as I could feel the IT band on my right leg almost straightaway. Nothing very serious but a sign that my legs are working overtime.

I’ll be doing the 10k on Thursday, possibly with an added mile or two each way and I’ll see how the IT band feels. If it’s at all painful I might re-think the 20 mile run on Sunday. At the very least, a bit of Jeffing (running/walking) might be the order of the day.

In the meantime I’ve booked a session with the physio for this Friday.

2 thoughts on “Day 85: Belatedly

  1. Good news about the physio and have fun jeffing – you can set your garmin to tell you your walk/run intervals, and do start it from the start of the run, not part way through. Says the jeffing expert. Good luck at the physio.


    1. The short walks today only lasted about 20 seconds at most but they did help me manage the pain and surprisingly led to me increasing my pace once I started running again. There’s clearly a lot to be said for Jeffing. I don’t like walking but when it leads to a faster time I can forgive myself!

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