Day 87: Thursday social run

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I set off tonight a little trepidatious about the social run. A few niggles have emerged over the past day or two, probably a result of Sunday’s run. I was a bit concerned about a pain in the back of my knee that appeared out of nowhere and felt like a hamstring. A bit of heel pain and those IT bands as well … nothing really painful but niggly, if that’s a word.

So I’m very pleased and relieved that tonight’s run was pain free. I added a mile and a bit at the beginning so clocked up 7.2 miles at a 9.33 pace. One of those really enjoyable runs that clear your head, get you in the zone and leave you feeling upbeat and loving running.

Stella’s macaroons were waiting for me when I got home. Nice one Stella!

20190307_203151 (2)





2 thoughts on “Day 87: Thursday social run

  1. The really hard part is working out what is maranoia and what is real pain and a problem at this stage. I went to a house party in Cornwall two weeks before my first marathon and was taking gigantic steps going through the double doors as I’d convinced myself I was going to trip over the frame, and I woke up on marathon day with weird ankle pains that I never get. Hope the physio goes well today and nice to see you yesterday, albeit briefly!


    1. I know exactly what you mean Liz. I can convince myself I’ve picked up an injury during a run only for it to completely disappear the next day. And precautions – I take forever to get out of my car to make sure I don’t twist my knee.

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