Day 89/90: Wonderful weather

Day 89 was parkrun day.  A cold, wet and windy morning at Cannon Hill. Another big turnout (a thousand is surely just around the corner), Anna joined me once again and lots of KHRC running buddies to chat with. I was conscious of my run the next day so didn’t go mad and was happy with 24.41. I got home and enjoyed watching Stella finishing off Anna’s brilliant birthday cake.


Sunday (Day 90) started early at 5.30. I wanted to get out by 6.30 so I could get back in time to cook the grub for Anna’s party. I’d hoped when I opened the door that the weather forecast had got it wrong – not this time. It was pouring with rain, blowing a gale and bloody cold! The thought of running in that for three and half hours wasn’t exactly appealing but it had to be done.

I don’t know if it was the weather, underlying niggles or mind games but I found this one much harder than last week. By mile 8 the legs were feeling a bit heavy, by 14 my sacroiliac pain came back with a vengeance and soon after the IT band on my right knee started playing up. I eventually decided to walk for a few seconds and try to keep to sub 10mm by increasing the pace when I started running again. This seemed to work well as I managed 16 sub 10mm and the short walks allowed the pain to subside a little. In fact I managed a 9.49 pace and came home at 3.16.46, almost 3 minutes faster than last week when I didn’t walk at all.

I convinced myself during the walk that doing another 20-mile run next week was bonkers, but I’ve mellowed since and we’ll see how the shorter runs go during the week. I may have run too soon after seeing the physio on Friday or maybe the weather was to blame. Let’s have a nice sunny day next week for the Notts20, please!

Anyway, Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Anna!



4 thoughts on “Day 89/90: Wonderful weather

  1. ‘The physio’ should have been Day 88, shouldn’t it? It was OK. Once again he identified a problem with my sacroiliac joint, treated that and also the IT bands on each leg. He digs around at the beginning of the session and pains that are there at the outset are gone by the end. Whether the problem is being fixed I don’t know, I first saw him a week before the Birmingham Half with the sacroiliac problem and he probably got me round the race. I think this time I ran the 20 too soon after seeing him as the pain was back during the run and is there this morning. I’ll be watching things this week and making a decision about the Notts20 by Friday morning. I’m confident now I can finish the marathon as long as I’m not injured, and it’s avoiding injury that’s got to be a priority.

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    1. Yes! Did he give you exercises to try to keep it all at bay? I’ve been sitting on my spiky ball and doing my crab walks, single-leg squats and lunges and my physio is happy with me, and I also feel I can be active in my recovery.

      The good thing about Notts20 is practising doing a race and not going out too fast but I do agree that yes, you will be able to finish anyway. EXCITING!


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