Day 92: Tuesday club run

The IT band and back pain weren’t as bad today, perhaps a sign that they were a result of the pummelling they took on Sunday rather than an injury.  Hopefully, doing one more 20 mile run on Sunday will prove to be injury free and I’ll finally be on the taper.  I’ve read that the runs during the last 3 weeks should be around 1 to 2 minutes slower than marathon pace, which would mean around 11 to 12mm. It will certainly be welcome to have a few weeks taking things easy!

It’s not quite taper time but I set out tonight to try slowing it down. However, a gentle pre-run on my own of around 10.5mm seemed about as slow as I wanted to run and it soon sped up once we all set off. A nice run with Sean, a bit windy but the rain held off. The sacroiliac pain is there but only a niggle and the IT band pain was hardly noticeable.

Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 21.38.05

I’ll be taking it easy on Thursday and then the Notts20. Several people have said that 3 x 20 mile runs on the trot is heavy going, especially for a first timer like myself. But I’ll see how things go on Thursday and if there’s no further damage it’ll be Nottingham for number 3!

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