Day 96: parkrun

A really enjoyable parkrun today. With the Notts20 tomorrow I decided today was not the time for a pb and decided to take it easy. No rushing to the front to get an early start but instead a relaxed chat with other KHRC runners way back in the start line up. I kept to a steady pace throughout and came home at a modest 27.40. A nice chat before and an even longer one at the end – I nearly forgot to get my barcode scanned – made for a lovely morning.

In other news, I bought myself a a Nike Slim Hip pack. Trying to get gels out of my Flip Belt with cold fingers is a real bugger and I want to avoid any undue irritations on marathon day. It just about holds 4 gels so should do the job nicely.

Screenshot 2019-03-16 at 21.13.12

Now it’s all eyes on tomorrow. Got my plasters and vaseline at the ready to keep the soreness at bay and been filling up with carbs all day. It is flinging it down outside and the forecast has gone from 11% likelihood of rain tomorrow to 34%. It would be nice not to have to run in the same conditions as last week.

An early night.

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