Day 97: Notts20

A pick up from Colin’s house courtesy of Nick, a detour to collect Eloise and we were off to Nottingham. The sun was shining, the wind wasn’t quite as bad as yesterday and I was looking forward to my last long run before Manchester.


It was a good route, a few challenging hills and lots of puddles that couldn’t be avoided but well organised and scenic. I tried very hard to keep to around 10.30 for the first few miles but kept clocking up 9.30mm, so didn’t get the slow start I’ve been used to. Nevertheless, the sub 10mm kept coming and until around mile 10 I was feeling pretty good.

At around mile 11 or 12 my sacroiliac pain started and just got worse as the run went on. By about mile 16 it was really quite painful so I took a few short 20 second-or-so walk breaks to give it a chance to ease off. I think it must have been a very strong field of runners as I was the only one walking, but I was too knackered to care. Despite this I managed 16 sub 10mm miles (I can’t count the last one as the course was slightly short of 20 miles) and another PB, about 3 minutes faster than last week, so if I can forgive myself for walking, I can clock it up as a good run.

Screenshot 2019-03-17 at 20.01.56

This was the second long run where I’ve had to walk because of the hip pain and unless the taper works its magic, I might have to be prepared to do the same on the Marathon. It won’t be the end of the world if I do, especially if I can keep up the pace I’ve been doing, but let’s hope I don’t have to.

Looking forward to pinning this one on my shirt on the 7th:


2 thoughts on “Day 97: Notts20

  1. Phil was marvellous. He’s identified the fact that my knees fall in when I run, due to weak glutes. He also gave me exercises and stretches to help sort out my hip pain which is all connected to the knees thing apparently. Thanks for the recommendation. I told Phil you had pointed me in his direction!

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