Day 99: Club run

Another thing I’d never heard of that I apparently suffer from: ‘knee valgus’. I went to a sports physio yesterday and he quickly identified that my knees tend to collapse inwards when I squat on one leg – a result of weak glutes and other hip muscles, the names of which I can’t remember. He sorted me out with some stretches and exercises, which I intend to do on a daily basis. I’m pleased I’ve identified the cause of my hip pain and according to the physio, this can all be remedied with a bit of hard work.

And two days after the Notts20 I managed a gentle 4 mile club run tonight without any significant issues and a nice chat with running buddies as well.


4 thoughts on “Day 99: Club run

  1. Ooh you have some Phil’s Special Glute exercises! He got me sorted out pretty quickly and although I slipped a bit on the exercises during my holiday I’m still having no pain. Lovely pic, too!


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