Day: 106: Tuesday Club Run

A gentle, slow pace was the intention tonight. I had a short run before we started and then 4 miles on the Feck Hill route. I ran with Grace and Afshin and ended up doing sub 9.00 for a couple of miles and 9.13mm overall. This was a lot faster than I’was planning but no niggles and I enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs.

So 5 more runs before Manchester and I’m feeling really positive having had no hip or knee pains for the past two runs. I wonder if this has anything to do with the stretches I’m doing? I’m being pretty good with the exercises the physio gave me last week and I’m looking forward to seeing him again first thing tomorrow.


One thought on “Day: 106: Tuesday Club Run

  1. I imagine it is to do with the stretches – he’s sorted out my glute and hamstring pain almost immediately, even if the strengthening exercises are taking a bit longer to work (but are definitely working). Not long to go – and you should be proud of the effort and care you’ve put in to this training campaign!


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